Activate 2028

Activate 2028 with IOSH

We’re proud to have pledged our support to The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health’s (IOSH) Activate 2028 campaign to help create better working lives.

Activate 2028 is all about action – and the entire occupational safety and health (OSH) community coming together to deliver a safe and healthy world of work. It’s bold and ambitious, and it’s about building on what IOSH and the industry has achieved so far and progressing the health and safety profession as a whole.

Through the Activate 2028 campaign, IOSH aims:

  • To be a leading authority in global occupational safety and health to maximise influence and impact.
  • To develop and recognise the excellence and expertise of occupational safety and health professionals to improve global standards in occupational safety and health.
  • To champion the role of occupational safety and health in social sustainability to drive business success.
  • To connect diverse professionals to continually develop the world of safety and health.

IOSH said: “We are in this together. Our collective commitment to Activate 2028 will bring about extraordinary change and progress. We look forward to creating a proud profession that is a beacon of diversity, a healthier, safer world of work that is recognised for sustainability, championing the right of every worker to have a safe and healthy workplace.”

We can all contribute towards IOSH’s goals by committing to the statements below.

1. We will push for best practice in our organisations, share our success and celebrate the colleagues and peers who help to lead the way.

2. We will support and connect with fellow professionals to continually develop a safe and healthy world of work.

3. We will challenge ourselves to identify and address ways in which our contributions can support sustainability in the workplace and help to usher in a more sustainable future.

4. We will embrace diversity and create an environment for greater equity and inclusion in whichever industry or organisation we are working in.

We pledged our support today. Find out more here and pledge your support here.

Together, we can make a real difference.