Steam Network UK

On-board with Steam Network UK

We’ve joined the Steam Network UK – the UK’s only directory for the steam industry which aims to connect businesses to leading delivery partners.

The network is a brand new service, founded this year, after identifying a lack of connection between industry and end users such as; purchasers and engineering departments, often struggling to find professional support for the assets they are operating, maintaining or replacing.

By bringing the UK’s leading organisations together in one place, it enables potential customers to search for the specialist services they require across one common platform.

It hosts a membership comprising businesses that support all aspects of the engineering required for the generation and distribution of steam, including:

  • Boiler manufacturers
  • Burner manufacturers
  • Consultancy services
  • Service providers
  • Engineering components
  • Facilities management
  • Water treatment

The network is designed for end users to be able to easily search the categorised directory and find exactly who they need for the task at hand.

Find out more here.