pipework upgrade

Pipework upgrades at HMP Shotts

We’re pleased to report that we’ve been appointed by the Scottish Prison Service to deliver a pipework upgrade for the heating and domestic hot water system at HMP Shotts.

The project involves the design, supply and installation of replacement below-ground medium temperature hot water (MTHW) heating pipework, with new pipework sections installed above ground and within new concrete ground ducts, in addition to the isolation, draining and capping of below-ground MTHW pipework being made redundant as part of the works.

Gary Shepherd, managing director at James Ramsay, said “We’ve been working with the Scottish Prison Service for many years and are always proud to support vital public services by working in partnership with on-site facilities and estates teams to minimise disruption during essential work.

“As well as liaising with other contractors to facilitate a safe working environment for all, we also have the in-house resources to support the seamless delivery of the upgrade with temporary service measures to maintain continuity throughout.”

In addition to our team of mechanical engineers, this particular specification will include structural engineering to carry out the full design of the new concrete ground ducts, duct covers and pipework/services supports.

Before work commences, our team will carry out a comprehensive survey of the site services and the site-wide MTHW heating network, including all connected plant rooms, to familiarise ourselves with the requirements of this work scope. Our engineers will also be responsible for commissioning the new system to ensure it is up and running smoothly before a comprehensive handover.

At James Ramsay, we have an expert team of pipefitters and heating engineers with the capability to carry out a wide range of pipework installations, repairs, upgrades and modifications to your commercial and industrial pipework. Find out more here.

About HMP Shotts

Built in 2012, the prison has a capacity of 553 and aims to provide secure, safe, caring and productive environment, while providing opportunities for those in custody to come to terms with their sentences and address their offending behaviour.

Shotts also houses the National Integration Centre (NIC) which holds approximately 60 adult male prisoners who are in the initial stages of sentences of eight years or more and prepares them for eventual movement to mainstream prisons.